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20/20 Precision

20/20 Precision 20/20 Precision Trigger Sear Mod Fits Steyr AUG

Product Code : 20-TSM-AUGA3


Mfg Item #: TSM-AUGA3

This is a newly developed part that reduces the infamously long trigger travel of the Aug. It also halves the trigger reset time for quicker shot bursts. Reducing the trigger travel makes the trigger more predictable and reliable, making handling simple, and increasing accuracy. This part is made of hard anodized aluminum which lends it a long, service free life. This part will not work on the MSAR rifle.

Recently, it has been discovered that not only A1 AUG’s, but also some A3 and A3M1 rifles need a modification to the trigger pack body, to allow the 20/20 Precision Trigger Sear to work proper. As the pictures show, a small amount of material from the “stop” located in the right rear corner of the pack body needs removed. Remove 3/32 inch from the stop. Use a 1/8 inch end mill or Dremel tool bit and carefully remove the material. Make your cut even with the side-wall and step as the picture shows.


Reassemble using the 20/20 Precision Trigger Sear. Cock the hammer and test for proper release by moving the sear. The hammer should fall and you should have a small amount of over-travel in the sear before it hits the “stop”.

The Pink card will be supplied with the TSM Sear as of 2/3/22.

DISCLAIMER: This product is not manufactured, authorized, endorsed, or warranted by STEYR ARMS, Inc. STEYR ARMS, Inc. does not warrant or represent that this product is compatible with Steyr firearms.

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